Potato Planter

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This potato planter was pulled by the horses. Someone would sit on top and drop potatoes in the holes that the machine dug.

When it came time to harvest potatoes, they used forks to dig up the potatoes and put them into buckets. A horse and plow were used later when the rows of crops expanded. For planting, George would plow a furrow, and the kids would plant that furrow, then George would plow 2 more furrows and the kids would plant in the third furrow. In 1943, men from Camp Abbott helped in the Central Oregon potato harvest when farmers were faced with a lack of help. The Rastoviches corresponded with many of those men throughout the war years.

To the south are the corral and shop. Scroll through the photos to see how the corrals used to look when they were in use. Today it is used as a parking and staging area.

When Danny Rastovich took over for his father, George, in the 1950s, he sold the dairy cows and bought beef cattle. He raised beef cattle until his son, Rob, took over the operation in the early 2000s. Beef cattle continue to be raised on the farm today. If you come at the right time of year, you can see the north pasture is growing hemp. This hemp is sold for its oil, which is used in creams and lotions for medicinal purposes.

In 1950, Deschutes County's first test-tube twin calves were born to one of Danny's cows. The sire was Commander of Prairie Bloom, kept on the Oregon Dairy Breeders Association farm in Corvallis.

If you look to the west - toward the entrance to the farm, you can see the potato cellars - one on each side of the road. These cellars were built from rocks found in the fields as they were being plowed for potato planting. These same types of rocks were also used in the foundation of the farmhouse and barn. The cellars are noticeably cooler inside.

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